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Welcome to Agoratoli Resort, Kaziranga

Agoratoli Resort, an ecotourism jungle lodge with a rustic charm, stands right on the edge of Kaziranga National ParkFar away from the maddening crowd, it overlooks the pristine Kaziranga landscape with seven cottages, a kitchen and a dining hall.

Set up in 2011, this is the first and till last year, the only private lodge in this part of Kaziranga. The primary focus of the resort is on wildlife conservation, sustainability  and responsible tourism. Furthermore, empowering the local community through active participation is the defining characteristics of the resort. Consequently, this place has evolved into being the ecotourism hub of Kaziranga welcoming wildlife enthusiasts from all across the globe.

The ambiance at Agoratoli Resort

A bonfire in the tranquil atmosphere of the resort sets up your mood for the evening. The orchestration of delicate symphonies reverberating through nature’s pristine theater transforms you into an entirely new world. Wrapped in its lush embrace, you will begin to sway in perfect harmony. By the time you retire, the minimal yet cozy cottages will induce a deep slumber, rejuvenating your mind and soul.

Design of Agoratoli Resort

The design of this resort is a reflection of minimalism and the use of sustainable resources in sync with the surroundings. The architecture is pure Assamese, crafted by local artisans using local materials. A blend of bamboo, thatched roofs & mud creates the most minimal yet cozy and aesthetically pleasing ambiance. This, of course, calls for regular maintenance, but that ensures constant engagement for the villagers.

Assamese Cuisine at Agoratoli Resort

In continuation of the local theme, the cuisine here is again a reflection of the authentic Assamese culture – simple and organic. Local herbs, farm-grown yields & village reared poultry ignites the cooking pan. The aroma of the sumptuous dishes will waft through the air and assault your nostrils. The aromatic and delicious Joha rice-endemic to Assam will never fail to increase your hunger pangs and stimulates your taste pallets.

Amenities at Agoratoli Resort

Unlike other places, Agoratoli Resort does not boast of amenities such as televisions, fancy bathtubs or liveried services. The only exception is the clean rooms, toilets with hot water and tea-coffee makers in the cottages. In fact, it has nothing to remind you of the urban lifestyle you came from. The local youths from the neighboring villages will serve you with a smile on their faces. As part of its focus on environmental protection, the resort dissuades people from using packaged bottled water. Rather, you will need to fill up your water bottles in your rooms from the filtered dispensers in the dining area. The resort does not encourage partying and loud crowd or walk-in clients.  The best way to spend your time here is to engage with the owners to broaden your concept of the amazing biodiversity of Kaziranga.

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Agoratoli Resort is based on ideas of minimalist architecture. Local artisans have crafted it with bamboo, mud, and thatch.

Eco Resort in Kaziranga

Agoratoli Resort is a small eco-resort in Kaziranga with a rustic charm. This jungle lodge is simple, yet elegant and exclusive

A variety of bamboo works adorn the cottages of Agoratoli Resort resulting in beautiful interiors

Beautiful bamboo interiors

The bamboo and woodwork in this ecotourism jungle resort in Kaziranga reflect the traditional Assamese style of architecture

Agoratoli Resort overlooks the breathtaking panorama of the Kaziranga landscape

Breathtaking panorama

This resort in Kaziranga is on the edge of the park and overlooks a breathtaking panorama of the stunning Kaziranga landscape

What do our clients have to say about us ?

We had an expert driver who could understand the deer distress call and asked us to keep looking at a direction and we were lucky to see a Tiger walking past after the day’s hunt. It went around a pond and was returning back to the den possibly when the sunlight was receding. Read more “”

Jagan Mohan, Bengaluru, India

This is THE place to go for the true nature and wildlife enthusiast. We stayed in Agoratoli Resort a few years back with our extended family and had a great family time with no distractions. My husband and I went again this January to celebrate our 30th Anniversary amidst nature. Read more “”

Mita Baruah is from Toronto, Canada
Mita Baruah, Toronto, Canada

From the moment of our arrival till we left we were looked after by the staff with great loving care. The food was excellent. The safari ride was also very enjoyable with plenty of wildlife. This part of Kaziranga park has woodlands, tall grass, and large water bodies. The room was comfortable and clean. Read more “”

Ranjit Bhuyan, Gurgaon

The main thing is the owner Mr. Bhaskar Baruah. Really loves the jungle, an avid conservationist and a keen photographer. If you are in a decent sized group, he will mostly be there personally and you can tap into his vast knowledge. Read more “”

Sunil G. Mumbai

I had the chance to experience the Agoratoli Resort twice rather than once. I traveled there alone last November and was welcomed as part of the family. First, I had talked to Bhaskar, one of the owners, about my trip to Assam. Read more “”

Marie works in Village Monde
Marie Claude Baril, Sainte-Thècle, Quebec

It all came together to give me one of my most memorable holidays for all the right reasons. And last but not least, Bhaskar Barua’s humor would make even a dull day seem like fun ? Read more “”

Mohit is a trailblazer at Wildlywise Adventure
Mohit Midha, New Delhi

Our trip to Kaziranga turned out to be extra special due to our stay at Agoratoli Eco Tourism Resort! The resort is an extension of the park itself and you feel like you are connected to nature and wildlife every moment of your stay. Read more “”

Rajee Nair stays in Delhi and is a Travel Industry veteran
Rajee Nair, New Delhi

We were a little skeptical and worried about life in an ecotourism resort which specially mentions no room service, no WiFi & no TV. To our surprise -we had a superb time. The extended service of all the drivers, chef, pantry boys just won our hearts. Read more “”

Deepa Junarkar, India

As an avid birdwatcher and wildlife enthusiast, I wanted something more, and Kaziranga and Agoratoli Resort turned out to be perfect. My trip to Kaziranga was extremely memorable! Read more “”

Brent D. Ryan is from New England USA
Brent D. Ryan, New England, USA


Kaziranga National Park

It needs no reiteration that Kaziranga is a unique, albeit fragile eco-system with the best conservation success story in the world. This National Park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Tiger project, and an Important Bird Sanctuary. With so many feathers in its cap, it is no wonder that it attracts wildlife and nature connoisseurs from all across the world.
The alluvial plain forests of Kaziranga, fed and nourished by the annual floods of the Brahmaputra houses two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhino population. Additionally, it also houses the highest density of the endangered Royal Bengal Tigers among all protected areas in the world. That is because of more than two-thirds of the world’s Asiatic Water Buffalo population, 30,000 Hog Deer, a sizable count of Swamp Deer and Wild Boars, combine to ensure a ready prey base for the supreme predator. The diverse grasslands, the all-enduring water bodies and a combination of broadleaf forests is again home to more than 500 species of birds.
Consequently, this biodiversity hotspot attracts tourists of all hues and shades, from all across the world. a diverse portfolio of tourists and wildlife enthusiasts. Whether it be for birds or big mammals, this place has it all, thereby making it the one of the most preferred wildlife destination in the world.
Ordinarily, it would be very difficult to completely explore this pristine landscape in a span of just a few days. Accordingly, we have tried to develop a combination of safari packages which we hope will enable the visitors to fully explore this wilderness.

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  • Accommodation for one night
  • Two Kaziranga Safaris
  • Price starts @ Rs. 4,600 per person
  • Accommodation for two nights
  • Two Kaziranga Safaris
  • Price starts @ Rs. 7,000 per person
  • Accommodation for two nights
  • Three Kaziranga Safaris
  • Price starts @ Rs. 7,800 per person
  • Accommodation for three nights
  • Four Kaziranga Safaris
  • Price starts @ Rs. 11,100 per person
  • Accommodation for three nights
  • Five Kaziranga Safaris
  • Price starts @ Rs. 11,900 per person
  • Accommodation for four nights
  • Six Kaziranga Safaris
  • Price starts @ Rs. 15,100 per person
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