Agoratoli Resort

The beginning

Agoratoli Resort was the brainchild of Bhaskar J. Barua, the founder. Till 2010, there were no resorts or lodges in Agoratoli, though it was by far the best place for wildlife and birds. Investors shied away from investing, fearing that tourists wouldn’t want to frequent such isolated places. Deciding not to follow the herd mentality, he set up the relodge targeting the niche wildlife crowd. The idea was to offer an experience rather than sell a room. He began to train and encourage the locals to flourish in their innocent originality rather than following the footsteps of well-known resorts in Kaziranga. And thus, Agoratoli Resort was born. Patrons who stayed here went back home as brand ambassadors for conservation.

The risk was enormous since very few people, even in Assam, knew about this part of Kaziranga. The resort ran into losses for the first four years of operation, after which it slowly stabilised. Today, Agoratoli occupies a special place among all wildlife lovers and birders.

A rustic charm

Far away from the maddening crowd, Agoratoli Resort in Kaziranga overlooks the rural landscape. The jungle lodge possesses a rustic charm, thanks to the local artisans. With only seven cottages, Agoratoli Resort is not a luxury lodge. The cottages offer basic but clean amenities with 24-hour power and a hot water supply. This place has evolved into being the ecotourism hub of Kaziranga, welcoming wildlife enthusiasts from all across the globe.

The primary focus is empowering the local community

The primary focus of Agoratoli resort is on wildlife conservation and empowering the local community to participate in ecotourism. And, in the process, promote sustainable and responsible tourism. Today, more than 100 families in Agoratoli are directly or indirectly associated with ecotourism, thanks to a few local entrepreneurs who have set up eco-friendly lodges here.

The ambience at Agoratoli

A bonfire in the tranquil atmosphere of the resort sets up your mood for the evening. The orchestra of delicate symphonies reverberating through nature’s theatre transforms you into an entirely unknown world. Wrapped in its lush embrace, you will sway in perfect harmony. By the time you retire, the minimal yet cosy cottages will induce a deep slumber, rejuvenating your mind and soul.

The design of Agoratoli resort

The design of this resort in Kaziranga reflects minimalism and the use of sustainable resources in sync with the surroundings. The architecture is pure Assamese, crafted by local artisans using local materials. A blend of bamboo, thatched roofs & mud creates the most minimal yet cosy and aesthetically pleasing ambience. All these entail regular maintenance, but that ensures constant engagement for the villagers.

The cuisine at Agoratoli

The local theme is evident in the cuisine as well. Local herbs, farm-grown yields & village-reared poultry ignites the cooking pan. The aroma of the sumptuous dishes will waft through the air and assault your nostrils. The aromatic and delicious Joha rice-endemic to Assam will never fail to increase your hunger pangs and stimulate your taste pallets.

The service

Unlike other places, Agoratoli Resort does not boast of amenities such as televisions, fancy bathtubs, or liveried services. The only exception is the clean rooms, toilets with hot water and tea-coffee makers in the cottages. It has nothing to remind you of the urban lifestyle you came from.

The local youths from the neighbouring villages will serve you with a smile on their faces. As part of its focus on environmental protection, the resort dissuades people from using packaged, bottled water. Instead, you will need to fill up your water bottles in your rooms from the filtered dispensers in the dining area. The resort does not encourage partying and loud crowds, and walk-in clients.

The best way to spend your time here is to engage with the owners and local youths to broaden your concept about the culture, tradition and conservation history of Kaziranga.