Responsible Wildlife Tourism in Kaziranga – the Do’s and Don’ts

Responsible Tourism in Kaziranga - the Do's & Don'ts Responsible Tourism is tourism which is sustainable, efficiently uses locally available raw materials, contributes to the local community, Though tourism contributes a great deal to the economy of an area, the effects of mass tourism can nullify all those positives in no time. This is especially pertinent to ecologically fragile areas, and Kaziranga is one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world. Hence it is the duty of all to…

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How to reach Kaziranga?

How to reach Kaziranga? Depending from where you are travelling from, there are a lot of ways to arrive in Kaziranga. The chief modes of transport are airways, railways and road networks. Airways If you are flying into India, the preferred landing airports would be Delhi or Kolkata. From there you can take a connecting flight to Guwahati airport. Guwahati is well connected with all the major airports in India with direct flights. It is also connected with international airports…

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