More often than not, when one visits a National Park, the first prerequisite is to ensure the availability of the various safaris with proper and knowledgeable driver cum guides. However due to the scarcity and overcrowding, frequently it doesn’t happen the way one had planned for.

Moreover, it takes a massive effort to travel to a new place and then spent quality time in understanding the nuances of the safaris in terms of the price, duration, location, searching for guides, etc. We are of the firm belief that our visitors shouldn’t be using their valuable time running here and there to organize their accommodation, meals and the safaris. Rather they should use their time constructively to engage in leisure or roam around and explore the various facets of the life of the people in Kaziranga.

Keeping that in mind, we have designed a variety of Jungle Packages to suit every interest group. These packages are all inclusive and one need not worry about such trivial issues as accommodation, food, and safaris.

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