Do’s and Don’ts in Kaziranga

Do's and Don'ts in Kairanga


  • Cover your head with a Headgear: A Wide-brimmed hat or a Head Bandana for protection against the sun and dust
  • Clothes for Upper Body: Full sleeves for protection from the sun as well as from dust. It is preferable to use layered clothing as the temperature varies from the early morning to noon to late evenings.
  • Clothes for Lower Body: Trousers and shoes are a must
  • Hand gloves are recommended during December and January.
  • Proper protective gears for cameras are required to save them from dust and rains. Even a shawl is not a bad idea.

The color of clothing: Jungle friendly colors such as Khaki, Grey, Olive are recommended for all jungle activities. Please do not wear any bright colors such as Red, White or Black.

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Bhaskar J Barua

Wildlife Photographer and Conservationist, Agoratoli Resort
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