Frequently asked Questions on Kaziranga

We try to answer to the best of our abiity about freqeuntly asked questions on Kaziranga.

Can I stay inside Kaziranga National Park?

There are no accommodation facilities inside Kaziranga National Park. All facilities are outside the park.

What is the nearest Railway Station from Kaziranga?

The nearest railway station is Furkating, about 80 Kms away. However the station with the most number of connectivity is Guwahati, about 220 Kms away.

What is the nearest Airport from Kaziranga?

The nearest airport is Jorhat, about 70 Kms away. However the airport with the most number of connectivity is Guwahati, about 220 Kms away.

What is the best range (zone) for wildlife sighting in Kaziranga?

The best zone (range) in Kaziranga is the Agoratoli or Eastern Range. The tourist route here is the longest and there is very minimal tourist pressure here. This range is home to the largest water body in Kaziranga – the Sohola Beel, which is a paradise for birds and wildlife photography.

What clothes are suitable for Kaziranga?

Layered clothing is best for Kaziranga. The mornings and late evenings are cold, but the days are pleaseant. Hence layered clothing is always preferable. 

Which is better - Elephant Safari or Jeep Safari?

Jeep Safari is anyday better than elephant safari. First, Elephant safari takes place early mornign at 500 hours, when the light is not suitable for decent photography. Second, elephant safari is only for 45 minutes and cover a very short distance. Third, the elephant's back is not meant for carrying weights. The huge pressure on the elephant's spine results in very painful situation for the elephants in later life and they die an agonising death. On the other hand, jeep safari is for a minimum of 2 hours and covers the entire tourist routes. One have the option of waiting at any place during the jeeo safari in anticipaton of good sightings.