Bhaskar is the founder of Agoratoli Resort
Bhaskar J. Barua

Bhaskar J. Barua, a Wildlife Photographer and Conservationist, founded Agoratoli Resort in 2011. An engineer by education, he worked in the Construction Industry for 16 years and then decided to take a break and devote full time to wildlife tourism and conservation. He believes in and community development through sustainable and responsible tourism.

Bhaskar has co-founded Kaziranga Foundation, a trust to work for improving the lot of the fringe area people of Kaziranga. And one area he has concentrated on is to experiment with alternative agricultural practices in the fringe areas of Kaziranga. He is also a member of the Local Advisory Committee of the Kaziranga Tiger Reserve.

He is presently a Project Management Consultant with TransBiz Associates Pvt. Ltd. 

Ranjit Kalita

Ranjit Kalita, popularly known as Bupai, is a local youth from the Kandhulimari area of Kaziranga. Encouraged by Bhaskar, he became a partner in Agoratoli Resort in 2014. Apart from being involved in a lot of social work in the area, he is also the former President of the East Kaziranga Gram Panchayat. 

He helped to develop the tourism sector at the Agoratoli Range of Kaziranga and was the Founder Secretary of the Agoratoli Jeep Safari Association. Ranjit’s interest lies in farming and conservation efforts in the Agoratoli area. Ranjit is also the co-founder of Kaziranga Foundation.

Roon Bhuyan

Roon Bhuyan is a philanthropist, an educationist, an avid birder and a Wildlife Photographer per excellence. His knowledge about birds and its habitats in the entire North East is phenomenal. Roon joined as a partner at the Agoratoli Resort in 2016.

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