How to reach Kaziranga?

Depending from where you are travelling from, there are a lot of ways to arrive in Kaziranga. The chief modes of transport are airways, railways and road networks.


If you are flying into India, the preferred landing airports would be either Delhi or Kolkata. From there you can take a connecting flight to Guwahati airport. Guwahati is well connected with all the major airports in India with direct flights. It is also connected with international airports like Bangkok, Thimpu and Singapore.
If you are traveling from within India, you can fly down to either Guwahati or Jorhat airport. Jorhat is a couple of hours drive from Kaziranga but only a few flights operate from here. You can contact us for arranging a transfer service from the airport.
From Guwahati, you will need to take a cab (OLA or UBER services are available) and reach Kaziranga. The traveling time would be close to five hours. Or, you can contact us for a transfer service from the resort by sending a mail to us. Our driver would be in the airport to receive and guide you. There are also Public Transport Buses available from Guwahati Inter State Bus Terminal. If you decide to come by bus, you have to get down in Bokakhat – ten minutes from our resort. You can take an E Rickshaw to arrive here or else you can contact us for a pickup service


Guwahati Railway Station is well connected with all the railway stations in India. but, the nearest train station is Furkating – two hours away from Kaziranga. But the problem with this station is that the train arrives in the wee hours of the morning. You will have to wait for sunrise to avail of any transport service to Kaziranga.


Good news for people who like to drive while traveling. There are self drive car rental services available from Guwahati. Zoom Car and Fabcarz are the two main operators. You can drive down on your own by hiring a vehicle from them. We are available on Google maps, and so reaching here should not be any problem. Please note that all vehicles in India are right hand drives only.
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