Jeep Safari in Kaziranga versus elephant safari -Which is better?

Jeep Safari in Kaziranga versus elephant safari -Which is better?

Jeep versus Elephant Safari - an analysis

Should you opt for a Jeep Safari in Kaziranga or the elephant safari? Most of you would think a safari on the back of an elephant would be the most thrilling experience ever. But that would be a wrong assumption. There are two important aspects to consider before you embark on an elephant’s back. An elephant sways constantly while it walks. This can be very uncomfortable and stressful for people with weak backs. Second, the spinal cord of elephants, despite their size, is not meant for carrying weights. The best way to ride an elephant is on its neck, which can carry a weight of up to 150 kilograms, but that is where the mahout sits. Any extra weight on its back can cause irreparable harm to the animal. You have not travelled so far to harm an animal. To minimise these handicaps, the authorities allow elephant safaris for only 45 minutes and thus you can explore only a small area of the park.  The safari starts very early at 5:00 am when the light is very poor. This minimises the chance for good sightings and decent photography. 

Advantages of the jeep versus being on an elephant back

Jeep Safari in Kaziranga, on the other hand, extends up to a minimum of two hours. If you can plan it properly, it can even extend up to four hours. The best part of a jeep safari in Kaziranga is the wildlife expertise of the jeep drivers. Their services for the entire duration of the safari is an invaluable asset. With years of experience behind them, the drivers know the park better than anyone. Their presence helps you to easily spot and sight wildlife, which would have been tough without them. After all, a wildlife safari is not only about what you see. It is also about what you hear. The various calls and sounds of inside the jungle hold a clue to important animal behaviour. These drivers and guides (if you opt for one) are adept and recognising these telltale signs. They know the right places where to stop their vehicles to maximise your sightings or to provide you a better angle for photography. Overall, jeep safari is the best way to explore any wildlife destination.

Timings for Jeep Safari in Kaziranga

Morning Session: Entry is from 7:00 to 10:00 am and ends before noon.

Afternoon Session: Entry from 1:30 to 3:00 pm and ends before sunset.

Bhaskar J Barua

Bhaskar J. Barua is the founder of Agoratoli Resort and co-founder of Kaziranga Foundation and Kaziranga Organics. He is passionate about wildlife conservation, empowerment of locals, ecotourism, and wildlife photography. Having lived in Agoratoli from 2010, he is closely associated with the local community of the fringe areas of Kaziranga. He believes in empowering the local community for conservation works through ecotourism and sustainable agriculture.

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