Solidarity Exploration in India

Marie works in Village Monde

At first sight, the Agoratoli Resort, although beautiful, seems quite classic in its concept; luxury accommodation with meal service and safaris in the national park. But when we’re there and we talk to friend Bhaskar, we understand that it’s a lot more than that. Of course, all these ideas weren’t there at first. But by being present every day to observe the needs of customers and those of the local community, a vision emerges – projects take shape. That’s at least how Bhaskar explains it.

From the field of construction, passionate about nature and wildlife photography, he once asked his wife if she agreed to live poor, with a husband exiled a few hours away from the house so that he could live with his passion. She accepted. Today, six years after the opening, and with the help of his partners, Bhaskar creates, through its company, 10 to 15 direct jobs, in addition to offering indirect work to nearly 15 premises, whether suppliers, drivers, guides or craftsmen, whose works are highlighted all over the resort.

Moreover, everything is built with local equipment according to the architecture of Assam, with Bamboo, wood, mud, and straw. No concrete or anything that could remove work from the village men, who must continuously maintain these “Natural” facilities, and the resort has invested expertise and money in projects that it considers important to the community. As Bhaskar says, if one thing dies, the rest dies too. In this sense, they have contributed to the construction of infrastructure in schools, and are currently working on the establishment of a library and an Eco-lodge, which will be managed as a cooperative by the families of the villagers. The latter will be trained and nurtured throughout the process.

In short, the list of ongoing and coming projects are long; as for the resort itself, I felt so well that it became for me as a foot on the ground, a second house overlooking directly to the rice fields where, some nights, you can hear the elephants trumpet and the farmers play the drums………….

Marie Claude B.

Living in Saint Thècle, she completed a certificate in tourism and wishes to pursue her studies in sustainable tourism. She worked as an animator on a radio channel and a TV channel. Her small grain of madness and her humour allows her to integrate herself easily anywhere in the world during her multiple travels.
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