Team Agoratoli Resort

The primary focus of the Team Agoratoli Resort is on wildlife conservation and empowering the local community to participate in ecotourism. And, in the process, promote sustainable and responsible tourism. Today more than 100 families in Agoratoli are directly or indirectly associated with ecotourism. Thanks to a few local entrepreneurs who have set up eco-friendly lodges here, the empowerment of the community continues to strengthen, thereby augmenting our initiatives and efforts.

Bhaskar J. Barua - the founder of Agoratoli Resort

Bhaskar J. Barua founded Agoratoli Resort in 2011 and leads Team Agoratoli Resort. An engineer by education, a Project Management Consultant by profession, a Wildlife Photographer by hobby and a nature conservationist by passion, Bhaskar has also co-founded Kaziranga Foundation. His work for conservation and empowerment of the local community was showcased in the National Geography documentary SAVE THIS RHINO, anchored by famous cricketer Kevin Peiterson.

Ranjit Kalita

Ranjit Kalita became the second partner in Team Agoratoli Resort in 2015. A social worker, he is also the co-founder of the Kaziranga Foundation. Moreover, Ranjit was the founder Secretary of the Agoratoli Jeep Safari Association, which helped kickstart wildlife tourism in Agoratoli. An active farmer and entrepreneur, he manages Agoratoli Resort.

Roon Bhuyan

Roon Bhuyan joined as the third partner in Team Agoratoli Resort in 2016. He is a passionate willdife photographer and an educationist.