Close to Agoratoli Safari Zone, wonderful service

We had booked 4 nights stay in Agoratoli eco-tourism resort, we were a little skeptical and worried about life in an ecotourism resort which specially mentions no room service, no WiFi & no TV. To our surprise -we had a superb time. The extended service of all the drivers, chef, pantry boys just won our hearts.

Rooms & Toilet – The rooms are spacious, Toilets are clean. Can’t ask for more in the jungle.

Food: The food was interesting too. Along with popular Indian veggies, dal, chawal, roti, and curry, they used to have few dishes with a local touch ( pickle on jungle berries, stirred vegetable fry of Banana flowers, bengan bhaja, tomato chatni Assam style etc ) which I liked to try every time. The non-veg section also had 2-3 options.

Books: There are many must-read books in the small library section they have- books about the jungle, animals, local cuisine and life around Assam.

Safari- Each and every safari was a wonderful and unique experience.
All safari zones are good. the drivers were well versed with the jungle and … took all efforts to show us the jungle at the best.

Cost: The cost of stay and safari is in the economic range. So it is kind of pocket-friendly stay. With all meals and all salaries included you don’t have to worry about anything else. Enjoy the fun, peace & adventure.

I recommend this place to everyone. 🙂

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