Agoratoli Resort with access to Tigers and Rhinos

Since the resort was full we were booked a tent accommodation and it was a good change from living in concrete buildings. We booked for 2 Jeep safari’s and one elephant safari for 27th and 28th Dec 2016.

The FIRST jeep Safari was a tour of the entire Agoratoli Range. The range has one of the largest lakes in the Kaziranga. It was good to take this trip as we covered the eastern range of Kaziranga park in 3hrs. We could sight Rhinos, Wild elephants family with Tuskers, wild boars, Deer. We halted at the pristine white beach of the Brahmaputra. It is a must to carry Binoculars as the jeep will not go near the animals and follows a designated track. The lake attracts a huge collection of Bird species, Eagles etc. Having a Telescopic camera would be really useful.

After the first Jeep tour, we spent time in the village bordering the Range and situated next to the Resort till lunch time. I picked up one of the bicycles and toured. We saw traditional cloth weaving, Paddy and Mustard fields and tasted rice toddy from the village. The Villagers were very hospitable.

The SECOND Jeep safari was post lunch and we did not want to go around the Forest range again. Rather we asked the driver to stay put at a place for an hour+ where tigers are frequently sighted. We had an expert driver who could understand the deer distress call and asked us to keep looking at a direction and we were lucky to see a Tiger walking past after the day’s hunt. It went around a pond and was returning back to the den possibly when the sunlight was receding. This became on one of our memorable trip to Kaziranga. Later we understand only the eastern range has tigers where there is a lot of Deer grazing lands.

The third Safari was on an elephant at Bagori, in the western range of Kaziranga NP. It was very commercial with a huge crowd and the elephant ride was customary with a visit to a few Rhinos.

After the three Safari’s we headed to Shillong.
The staff at Agoratoli were very courteous and tried to make the best of food available from the region.

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