Agoratoli Resort: a community-based accommodation

I had the chance to experience the Agoratoli Resort twice rather than once. I traveled there alone last November and was welcomed as part of the family. First, I had talked to Bhaskar, one of the owners, about my trip to Assam. He really helped me out making my way there and traveling in the region, even though there was no advantage for him to do so. It was just pure kindness.

Then I got to the resort itself; this place is really amazing; the view overlooking the rice fields and a small bridge where you can watch locals going in and coming back from work with their cattle, the surroundings (walking distance to one of the entrances of Kaziranga National Park), the comfort of the cottages…

But what struck me the most is all there is at Agoratoli Resort that we don’t really know about. Effectively, the resort is highly involved in the community, either by helping to build school infrastructures, or offering programs to sensitize youth to the importance of nature and wildlife conservation, or working on developing a cooperative that would allow empowerment of many families from the neighboring villages.

Moreover, many environmental initiatives have been put into place to make the resort a more responsible and sustainable one, starting with using exclusively local human and material resources. The list gets longer and longer as the resort develops, so I’ll let you get more information about it by yourself. That being said, I strongly recommend you to experience the Agoratoli Resort on your next trip to Assam.

If you care about the environment, are interested in local cultures and curious to know how they live, if you want to be part of initiatives that do make a difference, or just want to sit back and enjoy the beautiful music of nature, you definitely have to stop at the Agoratoli Resort.

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