Superb for Wildlife Visit

Ok, we all go to Kaziranga to see the wildlife, many of us go to photograph the wildlife. This place makes a great launchpad for both types of visit.

The main thing is the owner Mr. Bhaskar Barua. Really loves the jungle, an avid conservationist and a keen photographer. If you are in a decent sized group, he will mostly be there personally and you can tap into his vast knowledge. By the way, the new resort where we stayed has a total capacity of 8 persons, so you can figure out what I mean by “decent size group” – We were seven people so we had taken the whole place.

Even in the jungle, we like to have the basics right. The rooms are spacious, clean, and brand-new — it opened only in December 2016. Running water with good pressure, hot water from geysers. Tea coffee maker. A nice touch is a slipper rack and a couple of chairs in the verandah outside your room — you need not to bring the jungle mud indoors!!

Meals served at all awkward times as demanded — breakfast at six am to you don’t safari on an empty stomach, and so on. Nothing too elaborate, don’t expect a 56 item buffet. But tasteful wholesome food, veg, and nonveg, with Assamese cooking and an occasional local vegetable (my first time with “elephant apple”) to complete the experience.

All in all, a good long weekend – we arrived Thursday night, left Sunday mid-morning – should have had at least one more day…

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